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Jul 26, 2019
Username: P_U_R_P_L_E

Age: I am 15 years old.

Timezone: I live in the Eastern Time Zone.

How often can you be online?: Depending on the day I can be online anywhere from 1-4 hours. Since it is summertime unless I am away I can definitely be on at least two hours a day.

Which languages do you speak?: I speak English and I have been taking Spanish for 3 years so if needed I could have a conversation (although it might be shaky).

Have you ever been punished on HydraMC?: No.

How long have you played Minecraft?: I've been playing Minecraft since 2011. This means that I have a lot of experience with the game and over the years I have become very familiar with all of the game modes and updates.

Do you have any previous staff experience?:
MineMagic - Unfortunately this server is no longer around but in its prime I was the Helper rank and this was my first experience learning how to appropriately moderate. I learned all of the commands and I feel like I made an impact on the server while I played there with not only my great moderating skills, but my positive attitude helping make a better and more enjoyable environment for the players on the server. - This server probably taught me the most about how to moderate and how to make a server the best it can be. I bought this server myself and as an Owner I learned all about Plugins, how to work permission plugins (which took quite some time for me to grasp), and how to keep players coming back on the server which was very important as a small server owner.

FazeCloud - This server was my second experience of applying and becoming a staff member on a server. I applied and was ecstatic to receive the Moderator rank. This server taught me a new level of moderating because now I was a Mod not a Helper and I had a new set of responsibilities. I had to record more which was a first for me due to having never recorded evidence before and I had to perform actions such as banning people which I never did as a Helper. This new set of responsibilities improved my judgement skills and showed me how to appropriately punish players.

I have been staff on a couple more small servers but none were too important although they still contributed to my understanding of how to moderate a server. I also owned one more server named Mining Magicians that I spent a lot of time and effort on and it let me learn more about owning a server. All of this experience would definitely set me apart from other candidates because not only was I Helper and Mod on some small servers which taught me how to work with other people and to solve problems fast and efficiently, but I also owned and started my own servers from scratch which taught me a lot about patience and how to build a community. If you need proof for any of these I have youtube videos showing that I was staff on these servers.

Why do you want to be staff at HydraMC?: After every break I ever take from Minecraft the thing that always draws me back is the community aspect. I love to be apart of something larger than myself and I think that being staff at HydraMC would be perfect for that. I know that I have all of the necessary skills to be a staff member, and I would love a chance to prove myself and make the community a better place. I love to meet new people, to make new friends, and to create new things. I can utilize all of these things to be a great staff member and to make the community a better place. There's nothing I love more than to be able to help someone or at least brighten their day. I think being staff at HydraMC would be a great opportunity to do these things and to make the staff team slightly better with my positive attitude, my great work ethics, and my desire to make the server a better place for everyone.

What do you think being a Helper involves?:
I believe that being a Helper involves knowing simple moderating commands and skills such as /kick, /mute, and being able to record people breaking the rules if the punishment falls above what the Helper is allowed to take care of. Not only this but being a Helper involves understanding how the server works and all of the player commands so if a player has any questions you can answer them and be as helpful as possible. Yes a Helper has to perform commands and answer questions, but an aspect of being a Helper that most people overlook is that Helpers have to make sure everyone is having a good time on the server. Yes, it's great if there are no hackers, but if people aren't having a good time then they aren't going to want to play on the server. I know a struggle for smalls servers is making sure the players stay and don't just move on to another server. As a Helper I would make sure everyone is enjoying their time on the server so they want to stay a part of the community.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
Something I bring that a lot of other people don't is my attitude. I'm smart, I'm responsible, and I'm hard working, but what sets me apart is my ability to always stay positive no matter what. I think a staff team could really use someone like this so even in bad situations there is someone that is staying positive and hopefully influencing everyone else to stay positive. I view myself as a very well rounded person. I love to sing, play the guitar, play basketball, and hang out with friends. Although I have many interests, I am a very dedicated person and I would stop at nothing to achieve the goals I set for myself. That is why as a staff member I would put forth all of my effort to make sure that I am being the best possible staff member that I can be!

About yourself:
My IRL name is Max. In my free time when I'm not playing Minecraft you'll find me sitting in my room playing guitar, in my backyard playing basketball, at the gym, or biking with my friends. Some fun facts about me are I really like the color purple, my favorite singer is EDEN, I can juggle, and I have a twin sister. In school I work very hard to gets the best grades I possibly can, and I love Science and Math. I am very fortunate to have traveled a lot and it's let me experience many different cultures and ways of life. I am very hard working and I would promise to give 110% as a staff member on the server!

Discord Username: P_U_R_P_L_E#4064

Anything else you'd like to add:
I would love to be staff and if you give me a chance I promise nothing but hard working and a positive attitude!


May 30, 2019
You will be notified via Discord regarding your promotion.

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