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Jul 1, 2019
Username: Metekins

Age: 15 almost 16 in 3 weeks

Timezone: EST

How often can you be online?: 5-6 hours on weekdays 8-9 on weekends (I got nos life)

Which languages do you speak?: English and a little Esponal(spanish)

Have you ever been punished on HydraMC?: Nope :)

How long have you played Minecraft?: Since 2010 here's a screenshot for proof

Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes I've worked with Manager,Admin, And mod on a few different servers all the servers averaged about 50-100 players daily

Why do you want to be staff at HydraMC?:
I think I should become a helper because I enjoy playing on Minecraft and would like to help the server in any way. This helper position would be beneficial to me as I would like to acquire responsibilities on the server or forum and to help the community with any queries.

I am currently volunteering at an aged care home, which I think would help me if I were to get this position as I do have experience helping other people. What I do at the aged care home is socialize with the elderly residents and play games with them, help them in my time spent there every week.

I have the confidence and communication skills to take part in this position and am aware of the various responsibilities that comes with being a helper. Although I may come out as a bit strong that is because I stand up for what I believe is right and not what is wrong. I have integrity and honesty, grant that I may make mistakes along the way, I am human after all. If there is a problem with a certain player I will make sure to see it from there point of view instead of giving my opinion straight away on how I think this person should handle their issue.

If I am not online in-game, then I would most likely be on the forums. I like to be on forums, I think that is good because I can reply to those that need help ASAP. I should become helper because I live in Australia that is an advantage to the server as there aren't many staff that live in Australia as most live in different time zones.

What do you think being a Helper involves?:
being a helper is not just about earning the name helper. It’s all about passionate hopeful very educated of what you’re doing understanding the rights and wrongs and also manning up for you wrong to learn from your mistakes and from learning from the mistakes then you’ll know what you’re doing if anybody needs help somebody that’s a helper will be helping them in anyway they need help with. And of course no one wants to be a Helper because of the benfits I love helping people it's my favorite thing to know other people will have a great day because of me.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
You should choose me for a multitude of reasons. I was a very helpful and reliable moderator admin and manager on different servers I was staff on for more than 4+ months. I have found a multitude of interests, but I thoroughly missed being part of something as big as small servers that can become something bigger than myself, and I also missed helping others itself. I feel I can provide a lot of different skills and ideas to this small server even if it doesn't require it I will be there when not needed helping when most desperltly needed.

About yourself: I am 15 almost 16 I love helping people I started playing Minecraft with my big brother when I was very little.

Discord Username: mankeities#7790

Anything else you'd like to add: No but I do enjoy the process of reading my application.


Staff member
Jun 2, 2019
Your application was plagiarised.

You will no longer be allowed to create new applications for HydraMC. Thank you!

Please contact me @DebitCardz#2506 for more information.
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