Denied Staff App.

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Jun 28, 2019
Username: 41w

Age: 16 years old

Timezone: I'm currently in the EDT timezone.

How often can you be online?: I can be online 2-3 hours depending on the days, weekends more than that but earlier mornings and later nights of the week, i can account for at least 2 hours.

Which languages do you speak?: I speak one at the moment and that is English but I'm learning American Sign Language but I'm not really sure how that will help you guys... lol

Have you ever been punished on HydraMC?: I have not ever been punished on the server

How long have you played Minecraft?: I have played Minecraft technically since 2014 but I did take a break in between anywhere from, a year to a year in a half but I have returned just out of the love for the game as well as the community.

Do you have any previous staff experience?: I have, I was a co-owner of a small faction server, we got donations here and there but nothing major, I ran it with a friend maybe a year back. I also tried to start my own but after 3-4 months it just became a burden financially, so i shut it down. But when it was running, i can maybe guess i would have 10-20 people online at a time.

Why do you want to be staff at HydraMC?: I want to be staff because, I really love the feeling of helping people, and being part of a community such as Hydra. I am a patience person when it comes to problems that may occur. I am a compassionate person and I believe I feel for others, I can see a future for Hydra and I would love to be a part of just that.

What do you think being a Helper involves?: Being a helper involves patience, and when need be strict behavior, I also believe a helper needs to have a more friendly side towards the players on the server and the fellow staff of the server. You need to be hard working, and be dedicated to the task at hand.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I believe you should pick me over other applicants because I have the tenacity to get things done, I am a very hard worker with whatever task is present, I am also a friendly person that will welcome anyone who joins the server or staff team. I feel I can bring a lot with me in terms of qualities, This is why I feel i should be a part of the team.

About yourself: I am 16 years old and I absolutely the game of basketball, I am a huge Celtics fan. I also have a job, I work at Publix currently and I have been for around a year and a half now, I will be going into my junior year next year and am planning on going into the Military after High School. Another thing about me is that I am in love with cars, I go to a local car meet every Tuesday and i hang out with a lot of my other car buddies, I'm trying to save up for a Mitsubishi Eclipse GST 1999, its going to need a lot of work if i land it but it'll be worth it in the end. Thats pretty much it. :p

Discord Username: Wheels#5120

Anything else you'd like to add: I am a very dedicated person and I am looking forward to a response, thank you. :)


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Jun 2, 2019
Thank you for showing interest in applying for Helper on HydraMC. Unfortunately, you were not successful this time.

You can re-apply in 2 weeks if you'd like to.

If you'd like more insight on why you were denied please feel free to contact me on discord @DebitCardz#2506.

Thank you!
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