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May 30, 2019
RE-UPLOAD. ORIGINAL =✖✦-iampumpkin-staff-application-for-hydramc-✦✖.11/

Half Of The Application Didn't Send So Heres My Second Attempt!

Hello Players Of The HydraMC Server!
This Is The Staff Application For IamPumpkin.
Hope You Enjoy Reading It As Much As I Enjoyed Making It!
- IamPumpkin


Age 13 Going On 14 On The 23rd

Timezone GMT

How Often Can You Be Online 10-13 Hours Or More Because Its Summer.

Which Languages Do You Speak Irish, English And French.

Have You Ever Been Punished On HydraMC Nope.

How Long Have You Played Minecraft Years. 4-5

Do You Have Any Previous Staff Experience Yes Lots, I Could Go On And On About How I Was

Why Do You Want To Be Staff On HydraMC I Want to be staff because I think i can be more Productive and active than others.

What Do You Think Being a Helper Involves Being active and responding to any questions.

Why Should We Pick You Over Other Applicants Because I think i can be more useful than other applicants.

About Yourself Im 13 from ireland and like messing around with minecraft servers and other stuff with computers.

Discord Username AxeManGaming#6536

Other Information 100% Irish.
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