Denied My Application To Be Staff Enjoy!

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Jul 28, 2019
Age: I am 14 years old

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Real Name: Real Name Is Nicholas

Why Do You Want Staff: I want staff because I would love to be apart of something and help out to improve the server.
It makes me feel happy when I can help out and make a difference.
Staff means a lot to me, I also know I'm a good builder so I would love to show my skills to the server.
I can feel this server is going to become one of the best servers out there and I would love to be apart of the staff team so I know that I put a part of my talent in this server.

Any Experience With Staff: Yes, Linkit PVP it's gone but I was the main Owner of that server, managing at least 7 people a day, I would say I built most of my server with some help with my very good staff.
There was a video uploaded to YouTube about my server and if I find it I will make sure to send it to you.
I know I have definitely had staff experience on other servers but I sadly can't name them cause it was a long time ago sorry.

When I Am Available To Join: I should be able to join and help probably everyday except Mondays and Wednesday mornings, unless something unexpected shows up I will be on.
I also usually stay up very late at night so I will definitely be on at night.

About Yourself: Hi my name is Nicholas Tyler
I live in America Pennsylvania, Things I like to do is play Baseball and very importantly DJ, I also like to sing, eat, play Minecraft, and did I mention eat, I also like to sometimes play Fortnite Battle Royal, I love to talk to people chat to people and have fun.
Like I said I love to play Minecraft and play on servers like HydraMC.
I have a little bit of a lisp but it's fine, I also am medically diagnosed with OCD known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, that basically
Means I have to do things a certain way like if shoes are not straight I will stop what I'm doing and fix them.

Discord name

I hope you liked my Forum and I can't wait to here back from you have a nice day.
Not open for further replies.