Denied Everyoneingaming Staff App

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Jul 21, 2019
Username: Everyoneingaming

Age: 17

Timezone: EST

How often can you be online?: Everyday

Which languages do you speak?: 1

Have you ever been punished on HydraMC?: No

How long have you played Minecraft?: 6 years

Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes

Why do you want to be staff at HydraMC?: To help the server grow and run smoothly

What do you think being a Helper involves?: Answering questions from players and helping in what they can.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I have 5 years of experience staffing servers from helper to builder to dev and everything in between

About yourself: I am hardworking, determined, and am quick to learn and help

Discord Username: Samuel Whaley#3849

Anything else you'd like to add:
Not open for further replies.