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May 30, 2019
Hello Fellow Players On The HydraMc Fourms! 👋
Below Is Some Basic Info About Myself! 📄
I Hope You Enjoy Reading My Introduction. 👍
Thank You! ❤ :)
Introduction: (You Have Permission To Copy And Paste/Edit This For Your Own Introduction!)

Name: My Name Is Kurt!
Age: 13
Minecraft Ign: IamPumpkin
Discord: AxeManGaming#6536
Rank: Member

My Name Is Kurt Im 13 (Nearly 14) And Was Born On July!
I Enjoy Computers And Anything To Do With Technology.
I Prefer Skyblock Over Any Other Gamemode On Minecraft.
I Have Been Playing Minecraft For 6+ Years.
I Like To Make And Setup Plugins For Fun. (Im Not Good At All)

Other: I Run My Own Server. (Not Finished) Not Releasing Ip, For Obvious Reasons. (Advertising)

Thanks For Reading.
- IamPumpkin
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